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Michigan Community

Child Watch


What is Michigan Community Child Watch


The Michigan Community Child Watch Program was established in 1979 to reduce the opportunity for a child to become a victim of a crime. 


Administered jointly by local law enforcement agencies and school districts, the Community Child Watch Program’s success depends on volunteers who have been trained to observe, recognize, record, and report suspicious activities and persons.  Each trained volunteer is provided with a poster for display in their window and a handbook for reference.  The window posters have proven to be a deterrent to not only child molesters, but also over-all crime in neighborhoods where a significant number of posters are displayed.  Visualize what effect a Community Child Watch Poster in every window on your street would have, not only as a crime deterrent, but also as a comfort to children and adults who traverse your streets.


We encourage all persons 18 years and over; parents, singles, grandparents and senior citizens to join us in reducing crime as a Community Child Watch Volunteer.

Caring Can’t Wait?

Community Child Volunteer Requirements


  1. Authorize your local law enforcement agency to determine if you have been involved in any assaultive or child related activity.
  2. Attend a one hour training session.
  3. Display a Community Child Watch Poster in your window
  4. Give some of your leisure time to watching and observing
  5. Helping your neighborhood to become free of crime.


Adult Training Sessions


Community Child Watch Training Sessions consist of a one hour program which will teach you how to be observant, what to look for and what to do when you observe something suspicious.


These Training Sessions are usually held at your neighborhood churches, township office, schools, community centers, or a neighbor’s home.  A trained Police Officer or Crime Prevention Practitioner will facilitate the training at a convenient time that works best for everyone.

Student Training Sessions


Training Sessions are also provided for elementary school children.  These sessions are held at their school and are presented in a manner that they can understand.  A trained Police Officer or Crime Prevention Practitioner will discuss safety rules and precautions to take while playing, shopping, or going to and from school.  They are also taught how to report incidents which they see or are involved with.

If  would like to offer this program to the citizens of your community, or you would like to find out more about Michigan Community Child Watch please contact a CPAM Board Member.

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